Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor
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Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor

You can rest assured to buy Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor from FT Motor factory.We keeping innovation, developing and manufacturing motors, operators for window and doors,sun protection products etc.Our products are mainly exported to Europe, USA, middle east, south America, Australia, southeast Asia market. Welcome to visit us and negotiate the cooperation!

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Product Description

When it comes to curtain motors, the Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor from FT Motor is a top-performing product that stands out from the crowd. Its most notable feature is its unparalleled quiet operation, making it the perfect choice for environments like hotels or conference centers that require minimal noise disturbance. With its whisper-quiet operation, anyone present can enjoy a peaceful and distraction-free environment.

Additionally, the motor features an electronic memory limit function that provides users with easy, precise control over the curtains' movement. This way, users can easily configure specific opening and closing limits, ensuring that the perfect ambiance is created for their needs. Moreover, the motor's stop function guarantees that the curtains are always in the correct position.

In case of a power outage, the motor comes equipped with a manual pull function, allowing users to open or close the curtains without power. This important safety feature ensures that the curtains' function remains uninterrupted in an emergency. Additionally, the motor's mechanical clutch maximizes safety by preventing any damage to the motor or curtains during excessive stress.

Overall, the Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor is an outstanding solution to your curtain-related needs. Whether you need a high-performing motor for a large establishment or public venue, this product's innovative features and robust performance will meet and exceed your expectations.

Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor Parameter (Specification)


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Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor Feature And Application

FT Motor's Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor is a high quality and reliable product. The motor has an obstacle detection function to ensure that the motor automatically stops when an obstacle is detected to ensure the safety of users. Its automatic trip memory function can remember the specific Settings of curtain opening and closing, which is convenient for customers to use. In addition, the motor has a power off automatic stroke deletion function.

One of the biggest advantages of this motor is its start and stop function, which makes it run smoothly. The Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor has a slow start and stop function to ensure smooth movement of the curtain and no abrupt vibration. Its hand trigger function can be easily switched to manual mode, in the case of power failure can be switched to manual mode. In addition, the open and close commands can be sent through the RS485 intelligent control terminal. It is also suitable for hotel card access, adding new ease of use and convenience to the user experience.

The motor offers 1.2 N.m of torque and a speed of 14 cm/s, which makes it ideal for most curtain types. The weight and power consumption of the motor are 1.085 kg and 45W, respectively.

FT Motor's commitment to quality and nearly 20 years of experience in the production of curtain motors ensure that the curtain motor is a durable and reliable product. As a source of large-scale production and one-stop supply chain, FT Motor strives to provide customers with high quality products at reasonable prices.

All in all, the Five Wires Hotel Draper Curtain Motor offers exceptional performance and a range of remarkable features that make it a rugged and reliable choice for any commercial use. Its smooth operation, automatic travel memory, hand pull function, and compatibility with RS485 and hotel card usage make it a good choice.

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