Features of electric curtain motor.


The electric curtain motor has the following characteristics:

1, safe and stable, low calorific value, continuous operation;

2, easy to install built-in control and receiving system;

3, high-precision electronic positioning stroke control, stable;

4, the selection of excellent parts and fully sealed wetting design, stable and durable, long service life;

5, with the power memory protection function;

6, choose wireless remote control, strong anti-interference, can be single control or double control.

Installation position

This electric curtain motor can be installed on the left or right side of the track (the left or right side of the window), and the curtain track is usually installed on the top of the window and fastened together to the roof. Need to reserve the standard 86 switch box power supply: generally need to leave 86 hidden a from the roof down 20-30cm, reserve three motor power lines, one positive transmission, one flip, one neutral line; 86-B is left as a local switch 1.3-1.5 meters away from the ground, and 220v power supply and three motor power cables are reserved. Three wires are connected between a and b as the power control line of the motor.

In addition, if the curtain box is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the width of the curtain box installed on the single track is 9cm, and the double track is 18cm.

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