The principle and difference between AC motor and DC motor?


AC motors are powered by Alternating Current (AC), while DC motors are powered by Direct Current (DC), such as batteries, DC power supplies, or AC-DC power converters. The DC motor consists of a brush and commutator, which increases certain maintenance costs and reduces the life expectancy of brushed DC motors. Ac induction motors do not use brushes, so they are durable and have a relatively longer service life than DC motors.

Another difference is speed control. The speed of a DC motor is controlled by changing the current in the armature winding, while the speed of an AC motor is controlled by changing the frequency using a frequency converter. Dc motors offer better speed variation and control than AC motors.

The characteristics of AC motor are mainly reflected in:

1. Low starting power requirement;

2. Controllable starting current level and acceleration;

3.VFD or VSD add-ons can control speed and torque at different stages of use;

4. High durability and longer service life;

5. Ability of multi-phase configuration;

The advantages of DC motors are:

1. Easier installation and maintenance;

2. High starting power and torque;

3. Start, stop and accelerate actions can be quickly corresponding;

4. Provide several standard voltages; .

Dc brushless motor can be divided into DC brushless motor with drive and DC brushless motor without drive. Dc brushless motor is transferred from floor fans, air purifiers and other products, and the market stock is large, and it is gradually applied in the ceiling fan lamp products in the home appliance industry.

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