What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC motors?


Dc motor advantages:

1, Starting and speed control performance is good, speed control range is wide and smooth, overload ability is strong, little affected by electromagnetic interference;

2, DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics;

3, DC motor torque is relatively large

4, maintenance is cheaper;

5, DC motor DC relative to AC energy saving and environmental protection.

Dc motor disadvantages:

1, DC motor manufacturing is more expensive, carbon brush;

2, compared with asynchronous motor, DC motor structure is complex, the use of maintenance is not convenient, and to use DC power supply

3, the complex structure limits the further reduction of the volume and weight of the DC motor, especially the sliding contact of the brush and the commutator causes mechanical wear and sparks, so that the DC motor has more failures, low reliability, short life, and large maintenance workload.

4, the commutator spark caused both the electrical corrosion of the commutator, or a radio interference source, will have a harmful effect on the surrounding electrical equipment. The larger the capacity of the motor, the higher the speed, the more serious the problem. Therefore, the brush and commutator of ordinary DC motors limit the development of DC motors to high speed and large capacity.

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